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Faith and Forward Movement

That’s definitely a loaded title. From a religious and spiritual standpoint when we think of faith, we think of our trust in God. Trust in his promises to us, trust in his will for our lives, confidence that we are made perfectly in his image. When we think about this as it pertains to forward movement, the first thing that comes to mind is if I have faith the Forward movement won’t be a challenge. Isn’t that what we are taught? Through faith in Christ and his power, all things are possible.

Yet in a social media world that makes it SOO easy and almost normal to compare our journey with the next persons it’s so easy to discount, overlook or even redefine forward motion based on societal standards. I’m not flying drones over beautiful waterfalls and valleys in Dubai then I’m not moving forward. I’m not running for a political office or being publicly recognized for my volunteer work, didn’t graduate and get to post my beautiful poses. Forward movement where??!

For so many years I felt my life in comparison to others or even in comparison to what I had planned for myself was stagnant. In response to those thoughts Id muster up all the strength and run full speed in the direction I calculated was forward. Hit a wall, get up, a little jolted but still determined, and run in another direction, if that’s not forward this must be right??! Now these forward motion maps were well thought out, I had all the steps, back up plans, flow charts (not really flow charts it just sounded good haha) However, I was confusing bussyness with forward motion. In my busyness, panic and fixation with comparing my life to others I redefined forward motion based on worldly standards, societal standards. But if I’m walking in faith, my definition has to be based on what God tells me right?

I can’t trust his promises all while tapping him on the shoulder like well God look at what you gave Becky and Janice. If I trust him, my moment is exactly what it should be and I should be joyous in it. How many opportunities were missed because I was focused on someone else’s paper? Also, I don't know Janice or Becky’s journey? If I focus on the gratefulness I should be expressing for my own journey I’ll have time to see the beauty in the journey there. Even if I am moving forward how will I know if I’m looking to the left or the right?

In conclusion, keep your heart and mind open to a fluid definition of forward movement - God will make things clearer, the path, the goal, the assignment as you go on. Having faith in God's promises means NOT CHECKING to make sure he's working on what he promised he would. Just like the hymn says, "take it to to the Lord and leave it there" Don't go back and check on his progress. We don't even know what spiritual progress looks like to be honest. His ways are so much higher than ours.

Lets take this post for instance, I have rewritten it about 5 times now to date... and still feel..... Unsure as I post it. Sure that he will use anything done for him for his glory. Sure that every word you see came from him as I have prayed over this project numerous times. But even the process of writing, rewriting, then doubting has taught me so much about the nature of walking by faith and forward movement as it pertains to my spiritual journey.

I'd love to hear from you! Let me know your thoughts, opinions, prayer request. Be blessed!

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